the developer of the style shuji maruyama was aiki trained at the hombu in japan under tohei.he came to america in the 60,s sometime to teach aiki, but, he didnt develope his style until he was in the u.s

I am not famliliar with the style but i will ask the right people and get some answers for you.

He is japanese , he is well trained in aiki, so i would say its aiki. thats the style, cant speak for the school.

whats the name of the school?

tohei himself was a student os ueshibas but was also a rebel who was always trying to impose his ideas on ueshibas art,so his version of aikido is watered down from the original teaching of ueshiba.he was actually told by ueshiba he wasnt aloud to teach his ways of doing things while he was there. so after ueshiba died he left and created his own style.

not saying its bad but it isnt authentic aikido.i am usehiba trained 100 percent so im not familiar with toheis version . i do know it is considered the sport version,

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