unsu ['unshu'] is a shito-ryu kata, another kata changed by funakoshi for japanese consumption..
dont know the kata myself.. for shotokan check out nakayama or his top
student kanazawa..
the bunkai shown at tournaments is only one oyoshimasu and may not be what you would think of as the 'main' or best'
appplication.. still, showing the mind a real use, will, result in a different and better appreciation for the waza and for
'everything' related to training the kata and karate itself.. bear in mind tho that what is demonstrated for tournaments
by shotokan will not be the most realistic meaning.. eg the first strike in unshu after the ko uke is aippon nukite 'one finger
penetrating hand' shown in the kata striking about lower rib level.. someone who has really trained real karate for decades
including serious conditioning may be able to use one finger to the ribs for some effect, but a student today trying to strike
fast [as shown] to hard body targets will most likely damage their finger..
to me a realistic meaning would be the ko uke followed by pulling back that hand - to show controlling him and his momentum
coming toward your throat by pulling pack with his movement, thus drawing him forward and slightly off balance which,
will cause him to raise his head, now at lower level, for the following nukite to his eye orbit or exposed carotid artery..
real karate is not for playing games.. these waza are not for casual use.. thus funakoshi etc changed the meanings

another meaning you might like to and go thru , might be response to being grabbed by the wrist
response being to bend the wrist strongly as you raise it [with his arm] with good tension, then immediately draw the captured
hand down and in [escaping between his thumb and index finger], which is also shown in the shito ryu original kata with its
obvious pulling back after the ko type opening uke.. dont quote me but it is probably 'keito' or 'chicken head wrist'..
[in goju 'kakato' or shortened to 'ko' uke woiuld probably be used in that example]
goju kata 'shisochin' starts with a more or less similar waza and movement, with the nekoashi position in unshu 'hidden'
within the step to sanchin dachi, and with the same 'shuto' hand form [with subtle differences] for the double uke
followed by pull back and strike with nukite, also, shown to about ribs level.. [in my shodan grading i was the first asked to
show that bunkai and its oyoshimasu, with daisensei standing and a grading panel at the table and all the shodan canditates
and sundry sensei skulling about watching, including my sensei..
well, i thought [rude word] this, must not let sensei down here, i'll show the real meaning..
so [he attacks with a good solid strike to about throat level, theres another clue, i step aside a little, off his center,
parrying his strike and maintaining contact, letting go a good fast nukite right into his carotid artery between oesophagus
and muscle etc.. showing, of course, full control.. silence..

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