Did another class last night. We started off with some light free-rolling, starting from standing. He worked grips and setups for a while as we moved around, but I managed to keep him from getting anything for minute or two. I made a few attempts at sweeps and trips, and came up similarly dry. He finally did manage a falling throw on me, but I managed to come out on top, albeit in his guard.

He then worked the rubber guard, totally destroying any upright posture I had. I was somehow able to get out, but as I postured up, he scooted out and got back to his feet. I scrambled for a takedown, he sprawled, and I continued to press for a single-leg. I had his ankle, but he reached over and grabbed mine, threw his foot over, leaned back and was able to submit me with a half-guard guillotine!

He then showed me something he called the "stockade" position, which is basically what Brock Lesnar used to shut down Frank Mir at UFC 100, a Nelson variation, using the hand behind the opponent's head to pin their upper arm at the tricep:


My friend showed me the position from side-control, not half-guard, as Brock was doing, and it is indeed very hard to escape. Having one knee in my back, and the other knee high along my upper arm makes it really difficult for me to defend. From there, my friend took the leg that was against my upper arm and stepped over the arm that was pinned at the tricep. This now frees both of his hands for - you guessed it - a vicious neck crank. He grabbed around my head, and leaned back, getting the tap.

He worked a few variations from that position and then rubber guard, which I do not remember in enough detail to describe, except to say that they were all exceptionally painful, LOL. He showed us a nice variation of the omoplata, using the legs straight instead of bent when he rolled the opponent over. Surprisingly, this created a much tighter pin to the ground.

I did some more free-rolling at the end of class with another student, and was successful in getting top postion from takedowns several times. He was good with sweeps, and I resorted to simply stepping back and standing up when I knew they were coming. We also worked the ruber guard stuff, and threw in a few (light) hairgrabs, one of which helped me get a gogoplata, and the next one got me armbarred. :P

I was able to redeem myself with an ankle lock, which forced him to tap, and we called it a night after that. Another fun class.