I dont think there is any way to steroeotype any school by what there teaching unless its outright b.s.

IMHO there are so many variations of martial arts schools.

1) real martial arts,no sport at all including tournaments.

2) traditional sport martial arts,sport is aloud,but as close to real as it gets.

3) high quality sport karate schools,can be creative,self defence is only minimal,point sparring if you want to.excellent student prep including respect,disipline,leadership.confidence.
contact, doesnt distinguish a good school form a mjdojo.there is alot more to be considered.

4)average to low quality sport program,created style,instructor lives in his own box,self ranked.there to make money.students are lightly disiplined,techniques heavily flawed,this does not clasify as a fraud,he isnt attempting to sell you something worthless,you do learn something,you do earn rank,very little quality, its like a cheap hamburger from the gas station ,it may be garbage but,its still food.

5)frauds,george dillman.guys who tell you if you join my school you will be able to fight off any attacker.etc..this can be an ego wanking high dan traditional martial artist as well as "ole no touch himself"

intentional perversion of truth in order to induce another to part with something of value or to surrender a legal right b : an act of deceiving or misrepresenting : trick

Martial arts falls into many catagories,if the school teaches you how to punch and kick,even if its not up to standards,its not being fraudelent.
Now if the guy who creates his own style and advertises as being a traditional school.then maybe you have a fraudulent claim.if he is using tradtional techniques to blend into his creation,grey area.
naska simply states for traitional kata divsions,you must capture the essence and moves of traitional martial arts.
Now you have to condsider whats tradtional and whats not.another grey area.

Consequently if the school says if you pay me,ill teach you how to knock someone out without touching them, thats fraud.

Contracts are not fraudulent unless someone breaks it.Almost every school ive seen offers a discounted contract price or a non contract price,this is just good business.if you dont want to be tied in, dont sign the contract and pay the extra 10 bucks a month.

My daughter competes on the naska circuit,this is a show.Its also one the cleanest sports in the world.with high caliber respectful athletes.she is a 2nd degree blackbelt in sport karate but has had very little self defence training.she is a kata performer.

Hollywood is all make believe too but,there are very few of us who dont have tv,s

There is huge gap between real and fraudulent.

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