With all due respect sir,what i said was a basic overview of the mechanics of the art,explained to obvious a non- practioner, in relation his uncetain assumption aikido is a ground art.

I took it from the eye twitch to the tap for that reason.

If i was discussing it with a fellow practioner i would have explained,how i began my counter at the same time you moved,deflected your hand,as i rolled out of the line of fire.basic irimi movement.i wouldnt block or hit your hand i would only deflect it.The intention is never to hit something and knock it off balance.from there a small but direct backfist to the face,just to stun once again i dont want you to move ,just freeze.from there cut down your arm from the shoulder to the wrist,i dont want to just grab at the wrist.the control begins at the shoulder.I grab your wrist pulling slightly downward to creat motion to your body from there i pull your hand twords your face,while the other hand follows,as your arm is lifted it opens the vital areas in the arm pit.i can either deliver an atemi waza or as this technique was intended for bushido,deliver a knife wound to the only area not protected by armor but<we dont kill people like that anymore, so now as your hand reaches the face i grab the elbow with my free hand and begin to turn (basic tenken movement) to the ground.As we reach the ground i lay you flat out on the gorund arms extended outward,pin my knee behind your shoulder blade.from there lift your arm and pin your little finger in my armpit and apply pressure by leaning my weight on your arm to create pressure on your shoulder and nerve structure.
of course if you had a weapon ,i would life your arm from the elbow pin you hand backside down and push on your elbow to create pressure to your wrist,causing you to open your hand and release the weapon.(gokyo)
the above technique is called ikkyo.first control hold of the 5 major ones.gokyo is the fifth which i blended into from ikkyo.

gokyo would only be nessassary in a knife attack if i began shiho nagi and something didnt feel right so instead of forcing it i just switched techniques.

Every Aikido technique begins with a counter.not block and strike but,block before it becomes a strike and break the spirit.

I m not saying i didnt miss anything along way but, I didnt miss everything.:)

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Just so you know, I am a liar. only fair to tell you before you waste time reading my words.