Hi guys.

I just bought a pair of nunchuks yesterday, that are four section. Can't even find a photo of them on google images, so I'll describe it this way.

If you took an ordinary pair of nunchuks, and cut them about 2-thirds of the way up the shaft and added another section of rope, that's what my chuks look like.

Now i'm at an absolute loss as to where to find details on maneuvers. You can't use them like ordinary chuks, and all searches for 4 section nunchuk, four piece nunchuk, weird nunchuk etc. has been swamped with bloody wii website pages. :P

So I'm curious guys, does anybody know the proper name of these, or the name of an art that teaches them? Or if you've seen any movies or instructional vids, that would be an added bonus. Cheers. laugh

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