Hi Mike,

Thanks for awnsering my questions so openly, that is appriciated.

Mr Norman (Chris, why so formal........), is doing a great job discussing this with you and I couldn't hope to match the level of sensible discussion and questioning around the topic.

So with respect im going to bail from the discussion in full, not that im not interested I just do not have the time, patience or indeed resources to prove or disprove anything, I have my experience and opinion of course.

One thing to bear in mind is that if spear was indeed significant and represented in Okinawan Classical Karate Kata then it simply would be known, somewhere by someone of the major Ryu.

It isn't, nor is it sensibly represented in the kobudo (which has different kata from the empty hand kata) of the island.

The burden of proof is yours Mike, and good luck with it.

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Jim Neeter