I went to a class run by a former kenpo student of mine, who is now a BJJ brown belt. We worked some armbar variations, starting with armbar from the guard. He had us just working position, not going to actual submission, switching sides every rep. A pretty good workout in itself, LOL. He did emphasize (after securing an arm) "climbing the body", starting with the foot on one hip, locking your other leg across the opponent's shoulder, then moving the foot that was on the opponent's hip across his other shoulder (almost like you were setting up a triangle). If you lock both legs tightly down, it makes it very difficult for the opponent to escape. Shift the leg (that was originally on the opponent's hip) across his face to lock the armbar.

We then worked the armbar from mount. The instructor showed us about getting thumbs in the opponent's armpits to help lock the opponent down. He told us to wrap our arm around (outside to in) the opponent's (whichever side we wanted to take), and put that hand in the armpit, thumbs-down. The other hand goes thumb-up. This allows you to grab the opponent's gi or chest to stop them from rolling out. Hips forward and down to isolate the arm, keeping weight on the opponent. Swing your legs around to complete the armbar.

He then showed us some rolling armbar variations from back mount, which I need a lot of work on. He also showed us a regular armbar from back-mount. Starting from over-under back-control with hooks in, you isolate the arm that you have underhooked by lifting underneath with your arm. Your other arm goes over the opponent's head, so it ends up between your head and the opponent's, pressing him down and to the side. Grab his wrist with the hand you were pushing with, and secure a figure-4. Use your arm to continue to push his head down until you can get your far-side leg over his head, lean back and secure the armbar.

He showed us a a nice sweep from butterfly guard. Starting from butterfly guard with double underhooks, you lean sideways and/or straight back to unbalance the opponent, then explode your legs up to get the opponent to land on all fours. As he does, underhook one of his legs behind his knees and pull your head over to his leg. Your legs go to X-guard, crossed in front and underneath his thigh/knee area. Secure the opponent's elbow tightly in on the same side that you have his leg in the X-guard. Push his legs out to unbalance, and take your other arm and push on his armpit to roll him to the side of his trapped arm. Take side control or mount.

He then showed us a neat sweep from spider-guard (double wrist control and feet in the hips). You take one foot and hook outside the opponent's arm, and then driving it through the opponent's armpit. Now bait the opponent by bringing your other foot across and in front of the opponent's body, forcing him to pass to the open side. As he passes pull them in and roll back, taking them off the ground. Now roll to the open side, dumping them on their back, and take sidecontrol, Gnp or whatever. He then showed us a nice rolling omoplata into armbar combo from there. Very cool!

I attempted two rounds of free-rolling. I matched with another white belt, and did fairly well for the first 3 minutes or so. I avoided some sub attempts of his, and threatened an arm-triangle of my own. Reversed position on him but gassed out at the end, after he got me in side-control and crushed me down.

Did a very short round with the instructor. We started from standing, and I attempted a few sweeps and trips. He returned the favor, and we ended up clinched. I did Ok, using head control, and fishing for underhooks. He went for a fireman's carry, and I dropped for a quick single-leg attempt, which he sprawled on beautifully. He attempted to take mount, and I *almost* reversed him (think Kimbo vs Roy Nelson), but he took side-control, and I promptly gassed again, LOL. No excuses! I am really out of shape.

I am hoping to work out with him more in the future. A fun night!