Jim Neeter wrote:

So back to my request here - 'seeing some of your empty hands application work and also to understand if this was passed on to you via a Sensei of a certain Ryu or something developed yourself from your experience'

I would be keen to understand or see these things a little better.

I have a variety of empty hand applications that I teach my students. This past fall, I included just a few on my my videoblog and will continue to do add to that over time. Here is a post from a class in November. The last link in this post shows five empty hand applications, three from from Pinan Shodan, two from Pinan Yondan.

And in an earlier post, I taught two movements from Pinan Shodan, first with a spear, and then two empty hand applications derived from the movements. (My apologies on the sound quality. There is a very loud air handling system in the gym where we train.)

As far as my background, I began training under a student of Hayashi in the mid 1970s. And over the past 30 years have worked hard to learn how other systems interpet kata. Over the past 10 years, I have trained with a number of senior students of Iha and Oyata, and since 2003 have been under Shihan Fracchia who is well known for his fighting interpretations of kata.

Regarding sources of kata application, fortunately we now have youtube and DVDs which document quite a few concepts that are practiced today.

However, in spite of my seeking out kata applications over the past 30 years, I teach little of what I have been taught. Most of my applications are of my own creation. I use what I believe are good fighting principles, but the combinations are pretty much my own.

-Mike Eschenbrenner
Cayuga Karate