I went to my first Aikido class last night. It was with the Ki Society, so the first hour was all Ki training stuff. I got confused within the first 5 minutes and it only went downhill from there. To help stop my next class from going the same way, I really need to clarify where my one-point is.

I do karate and unfortunately we don't really do any ki training. But I had sort of got the idea that it was between the spine and the navel and about 2 inches below the navel. Roughly my centre of gravity. I know it's bad to start something new with preconceived ideas (especially when they are incorrect!)

But in the aikido class the instructor told me to focus at a point mid-way between my hip and knee and about 2 inches away from my leg. (Outside my body? I asked about that and was told that only human minds feel the need to label certain atoms and energy as our own - the universe doesn't make such distinctions) That was when we were standing up straight, feet together. Things got even more confusing when we sat down! I asked if the one-point was still hovering over my thigh but apparently it was now on the ground. I didn't ask _where_ on the ground because I was feeling a bit defeated by this stage.

So I guess what I would like to know is:

Where is my one-point when I am sitting in seiza?

Is there a 'Ladybird' book on Aikido? (for children and/or idiots) Preferably with pictures?

Are some people just too stupid to do Aikido? (Maybe some of us should just stick to running around like lunatics and hitting things)

I'm sorry for asking you all a very stupid beginners question.