dongdwaeji wrote that: 'I think some of the spear hand striking attacks and strikes using the blade of the hand could certainly be adapted if one was carrying a spear or a sword'.

Indeed in Ryukyu Oke Hiden Bujutsu what is called Kasshin-di which is like Nukite but where the thumb is in line with the second finger can and is adapted to the holding of a spear. Given that Ryukyu Oke Hiden Bujutsu comes in a large part from Motobu Ryu Udun Te who use both sword and spear, but the latter do not use kata in the sense seen in Okinawan Karate generally.

As for sword, it has to be borne in mind that the Okinawan sword was shorter than the Japanese variation, and many believe that the Okinawan swords were used in pairs. However there is a very big difference between the way that shuto or sword hand works in Karate Kata and how a sword is used. So the adaption would be both an adaptation and a modification from any originally Karate Kata, unless of course someone could provide an example of an exception to this.


Chris Norman

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