Hi Hope

We are on dangerous ground here. Please read what I am saying. You are making assumptions and attributing things to me that I haven't said e.g. "It seems you...." & "...seems like...".

Just to make clear, I am not blaming the victims. I am simply pointing out that there is increased likelihood of violent attack when certain factors are involved. Thats it.

I study MA as a hobby and because what I study provides good exercise and benefits my health. Thats it for me.

Re "That WILL NOT happen again", how do you know? Like I said, nothing is a guarantee. MA may make you feel more secure, but nothing is going to work against 100% of the people, 100% of the time. You may have more skill at fighting now, but can you be 100% sure what you know a) you will be able to do in any situation b) will definitely work? I haven't seen a MA yet that will definitely work 100% in a fight.

Things do happen to people regardless. I know this and have experience of it myself. To quote from the movie Unforgiven "Deserve's got nothing to do with it". A big part of my own SD study is on the triggers of violence (Gavin De Beckers "The gift of fear" as recommended by Oldman is a great read, for instance). These include factors, like alcohol, that can potentially increase the risk of violence.

Once again Hope, I implore you to listen to what I have said. I will make this very clear: IT IS NEVER THE VICTIMS fault. Please stop attributing arguements to me I am not making.

If people understand the common behaviour the we human animals have (including our own), then this is the most effective path to SD IMO.

Violence begits violence Hope. Did you start MA after you got attacked? What happens if you hurt someone in a fight? Will they want to learn how to fight too? What happens if they go and learn how to fight, then they hurt someone too... Being violent, which fighting is, which most martial arts are( no matter how controlled) will always be at the cost to someone, possibly even yourself. Fighting to me does not = Self Defence. Be it in a dojo, a car park, a stairwell, a fight is a fight. I think it is important to say that if a person thinkgs fighting is SD they are going down a dangerous road.

Full cicle here with this last part: It's up to a person what they want to do.

If you want to respond Hope, we could start another thread or continue on via PM, because we have taken this thread slightly off course. I was the one who started this, I am aware so apologies to the author of the thread. I for one won't comment on this thread again unless it relates specifcally to solo martial arts training.

I have taken the time to read your responses and base my response on what you have said. I would very much appreciate that if someone is going to respond to my posts they do the same.

"Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food" Hippocrates.