Yes and no, you will see a strong influence from Judo, Aikido, and JJ/BJJ in that IKI utilizes far more whole body (gross motor) skills in it's techniques. For instance we NEVER grab a gun by the muzzle with one hand without first securing enough control over the entire limb to prevent an aggessive attacker from simply yanking it back or redirecting the muzzle back at us and shooting!

However, the influence is not in any way like the original applications of such holds from any of the above arts.

I know this is a vague answer, but it's just not easy to describe in typed format. Without pics, video or being in person it's really hard to give an adequate perspective. You can see some of what I mean in some videos I posted on you tube. Just search for Cottonwood Combat.
"That is the most necessary and difficult thing in krav maga - that I must be so good that I don't have to kill" or in regard to punishing an attacker "Why do you want to break a dead man's bones?" Translated from Imi Lichtenfeld in Cleveland, OH 1984