Well said. The biggest difference between Krav Maga and Krav Magen, since Eli Avikzar is in my lineage, is this: Imi never did Judo or Aikido in any serious enough manner as to earn rank. Eli Avikzar earned advanced Black Belt degrees. http://www.kami.org.il/new/founder_eng.asp

While Imi and Eli collaborated on building defenses against the skills in Judo and Aikido, Eli's understanding went much deeper in these areas. This is but one reason he was the obvious choice to replace Imi as chief Instructor of Krav Maga and Fitness to the IDF when Imi retired.

It was Imi who approved of Eli Avizar's seeking training in other arts in order to develop those defenses. In my opinion, he was younger and thus more capable than Imi of doing so with speed and proficiency.

This is where KM took other turns as well. As in our lineage, which is - Imi, Eli, Itay Gil, Moshe Katz then myself. Much of what we do was heavily influenced by Itay's direct training with Eli Avikzar. Yes, we are different from IKMA, IKMF, KMWW (KMAA) and any others I have seen. But, I respect anyone who is doing something to better defend themselves and their loved ones. I am biased though smile!