Some people WANT different things as a customer though. For instance, I've never super sized a value meal....or eaten one for that matter. But in the case of my students... if my students want to come and train, flat rate. But what if some of my students want more?

say my students need an extra day per week, so i have to open on sundays. What if some people are looking for more intense workouts? I cant have my students who are more casual, like the environment, want to learn a little, and just enjoy my company- thrown in with my full contact fighters. the fighters would get held back, and everyone else would be getting sick and dehydrated. I have to work harder to have more options.

the bottom line is, i can be a capitalist. everyone pays 80 a month. but for those who want to go balls to the wall and require more from me, can pay 100 per month. the extra cost is taken care of by those paying for it.

or i can be a socialist. everyones tuition will be 90 a month and the casual students will pay for the students with extra needs.

if i was going to do it that way, i could lump the total cost of instruction, gear, patches(i dont sell those) testings, seminars, (what else do schools charge for these days? foam nunchuck thingies?) into one sum, add on my rent and desired salary, and divide that by my number of students and wham...there's your number.

but if jimmy needs to replace his uniform more than other students, jimmy pays for it. and if my guys are going to need extra time in, they have to pay for it.

We do not live in 16th century japan. martial arts were from father to son. and the training facility was called 'outside'

i believe its pretty much the decent thing to do when i work fourteen hours a day and continue to teach and learn under several instructors, that if someone wants to train in my airconditioned matted facility, they pretty much have to pay for me not being able to have a job so i can teach them.

a fair bbc would just be for those who want more. and its not really elitest. im not better than the guy behind me at the drive thru because i can supersize my big mac. even if he's hungrier than me, he really isnt going to get that super size if he cant pay for the extra fries.
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