We will be hosting our first small, karate tournament in a few months and I want to make sure I'm ahead of the curve on my planning. I'd like to hear from experienced organizers what I've potentially missed.

This is the plan: Host a small, one-day, karate tournament - invitational - for two or three colleague's schools at the rec. facility where I teach. I have invitational flyers/registration forms with the rules, times and expectations. I've included a standard liability waiver on the registration form. I have regular insurance coverage from the Rec. Dept. that covers the building and my class, but I'm not sure whether I need extra insurance. I plan on selling water and snacks in the attached kitchen area. First aid will be provided by a volunteer RN (my wife). I don't imagine there will be many spectators, but in case there are any I'll set up folding chairs. I won't charge a spectator fee. I've confirmed the date with the Rec. Dept.

What have I missed?
Geoff Wingard