hello folks, i just started a martial arts school. Im renting from a part time school, so my overhead is super low, after I build a student base i'll be paying a percentage rather than a flat rate.

Now the fun part, building that base. Here is where I stand so far, Flyers being handed out to all local businesses. Website being made as we speak. Face book page, check. My other plans include self defense clinics at local rec centers/gyms as a draw.

My question is for other school / club owners, what methods have worked best for you? Are yellow page ads worth it? Filler articles for local papers? Val Pak Coupons? Email, direct mail marketing? referral rewards programs? Please help out, I'd like to get moving.

The school is open for 4 classes a week, adults only. 17 years experience in tkd, jkd, kickboxing, mma, jui jits. Household incomes in surrounding towns is 33 -40k. Charging $80 a month until I have a good base. Local schools are charging 120 - 160 per month(they are open full time) No membership fee. I have 5 students from my "basement days" and 2 new guys. What have you found to be wasted marketing dollars, and what worked well? Are my prices out of line? did i miss anything? i look forward to hearing from you all and sharing my growth with you.

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