2. Kick Pepedangan

This stance rests on the attitude of the foot and techniques using weapons to attack with the sword. In practice this stance pepedangan warriors make a sword out of bamboo as a substitute for real swords. Pepedangan style that dominated his feet aligned, such as foot position serongan is tilted by 45 degrees to form sudt, kenudian tagogan is a modest movement of legs with feet attached to the heel position at the hips with feet slightly berjingka.

Kick it amounted to one pepedangan stance, respectively, namely: ela-ela sabeulah, selup kuriling, jagangan, tagogan, piceunan, balungbang, balumbang, sabeulah, opat likur, discard twice, directly selup kuriling, selup lie.

3. Interior Kick Surfing

Kick-slap this in addition to surfing normally only used for the show. Since its just a show, then the style-jurusnya contain aspects of art. This surfing style slap to be accompanied by a set of instruments "tetabuhan" which consists of 2 pieces of fruit 2 drum great and small drum (Kulanter Sunda) that functions as a filler move and control the tempo of the song. As Kenudian a melody trumpet, and a small gong called kempul or bende. In terms of accompaniment, gestures Pencak Silat more emphasis on beating the drum. Besides, beating the drum has a certain motifs which are well known, namely: the two slap, slap tilu, golempang, padungdung.