hat is meant by engineering the game is how Pencak silat Cimande done. In other words Cimande Pencak Silat as a reflection protect themselves from enemy attacks, which manifested Cimande really not hard to learn. According to informants that every human being has an instinct to mobilize members of the body, such as would fall and could hold his feet to change positions or ward off a reflex when there is a fall in the right side of his body. Such movement is considered as a movement that leads to Pencak Silat just not regular and tersistematis. Silat is a strategy used to attack opponents. Similarly Silat Cimande have certain tricks and techniques of strategy in the knock out or knock out or defend themselves from enemy attacks.

In general, the basic pattern of Pencak Silat Cimande the first time using the remote, the warriors who take after-foot distance setuntas hands. This ploy is used to avoid enemy attacks. Usually by using this technique, the attack is a kick at the dominant technique in Pencak Silat Cimande.

Every warrior in an attack must take into account every foot or horses that aims to distance the opponent. The horses must be applied to moveable and can be changed in dubah high frequency. Because your opponent will likely provide long-distance attack in the form of punches and kicks with a high speed. To knock down your opponent, it can take a stance so that the swordsman Silat can balance your opponent attacks.

Broadly speaking style Cimande Pencak Silat is divided into three parts, namely: Kelid Cimande Kick, Kick-Pepedangan, and Kick Interior Surfing. The stance and style kelid Cimande pepedangan is martial, including sedamgkan slap surf art.