Although the results were officially announced by the All Japan Kendo Federation earlier this month, I'm just getting around to publishing them here.

I'm also happy to report that out of 576 photographs that were entered in this year's contest, one of my pictures won Honorable Mention.

Actually, the last three times that I have entered the contest, I have been fortunate to receive a prize; I was awarded the same prize last year and the Grand Prize in 2006.

From the 2009 contest:

Kendo's Roots: Ono-ha Itto-ryu

Unfortunately, the image on the All Japan Kendo Federation's website appears to be too orange, unlike the original print I sent them.

From 2008's contest:

Basics are Important

From 2006:

One Chance in the Blink of an Eye

Unfortunately, this photo looks a bit blurry on their website. A better version can be seen on Flickr:

I hope you enjoy them.


Ron Beaubien