Red light cameras and speed cameras are very prevalent here where I live in a very small city (15,000 people). In the position I am in I am aware that the cameras are set to only record if somebody exceeds 15 Km/Hr over the posted speed limit. In September they ran out of room on the cameras but netted over $800,000 CAD from these cameras. Add the $700,000 that the bylaw officers caught, the month of September was $1.5 million dollars.

(Note: Our RCMP don't look after catching speeders by using traps; that is done by bylaw officers. Our RCMP only catch those speeders while driving. These figures are in town, not highways as that is done by the highway patrol sheriffs.)

The amount is so high as this is through some recent construction zones so the speed fines are doubled. The speed limit is 50 km/hr in these zones (regularly 70 km/hr without construction). In fact one person ran right through all three of the cameras netting himself $600 in fines for a few minutes of driving.

Can one speed and drive safely; for sure; no question. But misuse of speed I also believe is the problem. Now throw in other vehicles (parked or moving), other obstacles, bad road conditions, weather and the such, speeding becomes less safe.

More accidents will happen at lower speeds with in city limits then they will at higher speeds on the highways outside of cities. When taking my motorcycle course in 2004 you were taught at slower speeds for this purpose alone. I have been more near to accidents while driving speed limits within cities (50-80 km/hr) then when driving on the highways (90-110 km/hr). I have actually felt safer driving at speeds around 250 km/hr on my bike on a highway then driving speed limits within a city due to less traffic and more open to visually see my surroundings. But driving like that all the time would be stupid (yes, I was stupid) and you need to drive to your ability and to the conditions around you within acceptable limits.

And one thing I've learned from years of bike riding, it isn't me I most have to worry about, it is others around me. This goes for driving my vehicle as well.