Hi, i'm also new to this forum, i train KM in israel for a few years now and i also used to train Judo (6 years) and Tkd (3 years).

i saw alot of you guys talking about the differences between styles that you have in other countries of KM that i really didnt know about as in israel we have 2 known styles of KM which is Krav Maga and Krav Magen. both supposed to be about the same.

with that i saw alot of peoples were numbering some differences between what they saw in israel and what they saw back in the u.s.

for that i can tell you that most of the change you witness is not in what they teach but in the mentality of the people in israel, i've visited in europe and in u.s for many times for periods of month+ and i can tell you that the israeli peoples are much more Aggresive (in nature but also on the other side a bit wormer), i belive this comes from the enviorment we live in here. most peoples in israel were in the army alot of the martial artists also as combatant and were in life & death situations. and there is always the fear of terrorist acts that may happen here or kidnaping so when we train in the krav maga it is as if we were in a life - death situation that unfortuantly most of us in here know.