One of the aims of kata is to train timing and footwork. Who has the best timing and footwork in UFC and who uses kata as a part of his training and probably did a lot more kata before he got into MMA?

Answers on a postcard please, and the winner gets a free guide to shotokan kata!

This is simply ridiculous logic. You are leaving out so many other facets of his training here that this equation can't stand up. Just because he trains kata, and that kata (apparently) his to "train timing and footwork", doesn't mean that kata is the main ingrediant to Machida's success!

But allow me to show you why it's likely that Machida's success owes less to his kata than to his other training:

Question: One of the main points of a heavy bag is to train better striking. Who strikes well in MMA and also just happens to train with a heavy bag?

Answer: Every MMA fighter(including Machida)

Question: One of the main points of training fully resistive grappling is so that one can be competent in this one time neglected range. And guess who it is who just happens to have trained grappling for several years before becoming UFC champ?

Answer: Every UFC champion in every weight catagory has always trained grappling and always will (including Machida).

Question: One of the main points of pummeling is train sensitivity in the clinch. And who just happens to train pummeling regularly?

Answer: every competent MMA fighter trains pummeling (including Machida)

Question: One of the main points of training with fully resistive limited rules (MMA style) sparring, is so one can be more comfortable and react better during a match. Who just happens to train this kind of sparring?

Answer: Every MMA fighter (including Machida).

Question: What art traditionally contains NONE OF THE ABOVE KEY facets of training that every fighter must train to be successful in an MMA environment?

Answer: Shotokan karate.

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