My first study in martial arts was TKD. I stopped for medical reasons and when I resumed, I studied a different style eventually getting to 2nd Dan. I have a question about my TKD that I don't have an explanation for. I got as far as blue belt if that will help anyone figure out the answer I want. When we punched and we were going to retract the punching hand, we were always instructed to "stir the pot" This meant the extended punching arm moved first across the center line and then back to the hip chamber in a diagonal. The only explanation I can think of for this is that it must represent a cross grab. I'm guessing because this is not an automatic move in my current style. When we retract the punching hand, it comes straight back to the hip chamber. It is just one of those silly burning questions that still makes me curious after all these years. Why did we "stir the pot"?
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