Wow, just wow.

Dave no need to go to the JREF. I have a standing offer of $1,000 US to anyone who can move me with their (insert non-physical method here). So far no takers.

You simply stop me from walking up and pouring a glass of water on your head. With whatever chi/qi/energy/pink-unicorn-powah! that you choose. If you get wet...I win.

It simply can't be done without the use of a confederate or through the use of NLP/Trance like Derren does. NLP/Trance can cause this effect and typically does so in the cases of master/student.

I have crossed hands with some of the best IMA guys in the states and although it seems magical, it isn't.

BTW kempoman in London Sep 29th - Oct 3rd.
Yeah, if you want to get dry-humped and dookie-licked.