Hey Charlie,

Thanks for the kind words. Over time I will present Shotokan versions of kata. And this summer I spent a lot of time on the Shotokan variations for the spear. Right now I am focused on Shito Ryu, since that is what I teach my students. I have to have movements fairly reflexive for my classes, so I need to have just one set I am working on.

Here's an interesting concept. Look at the different major variations of kata, and you'll find that all the different concepts make sense regarding a spear. Take stances for example. Longer stances allow for greater distance. In battlefield spear fighting, the distance to an opponent can vary significantly. Aside from distance, short stances and longer stances can be a variety of different ways, so it is beneficial to practice them both. I will cover that over time.

Over the next few years, I will cover the pretty much the entire Shotokan curriculum. (Not sure if I will cover Sochin, since I am not sure that is an Okinawan kata.)

Regarding Ithaca, I am fortunate to live in a place in the U.S. which has a lot of nice scenery. My videoblog will continue to capture as much of that beauty as I can.

I can be reached at cayugakarate@gmail.com. I am very interested to learn what people think of the ideas I will present over the next several years. Please feel free to email me.