And whats wrong with making some thing legal thats BEEN happening since the 1st web, ARPANET, came into semi-sentience?

They (Black Ops in NSA, HSA, CIA etc) already monitor phones (ground, cell, satellite), internet communication, probably open suspect mail...this post reply has several key words that will pass through a massive Series of Cray supercomputers under Langley and NORAD's massive spring based atomic bomb resistant Mt. (Too bad the 100MK ton soviet H-bomb could flatten it).

Join the NRA and protect our right to bare arms, thought sadly the purpose behind that was to over throw tyrannical government...That wont happen now.

As an individual MA be aware, alert, avoid or diffuse conflict if possible but be ready to bare ones skills in defense of the Freedoms so many take for granted...the President is Commander in Chief-he was elected by majority consensus, you can dispute me...thats a Freedom...as our elected leader His/Her final orders should be followed...or we have another blood bath civil war.

The german Zeiss optics on the spy satellites can see 100* more than any movie represented, including UV and Heat signature...in yo house my man...so make one thing legal to hide all the others...distracts those who arnt acquainted w/ spooks...not that I ever was, typing this alone is enough to send up a flag on;dsmghnltrgh,Jk
do not try to spork the post, for that is impossible, only realize there is no post to spork