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Initially the Shakuhachi was played by Zen Buddhist monks as a form of spiritual healin' (not the Barry White version) to the Ill and Infirm, the monks had a kickin title....Komusso--"Priests of Emptiness"

/if interested in what these songs of spiritulal, talkin spiritual healin sound like...there is a CD one can order from most music stores (if it's not already in the ethnic/world beat section)....cannot recally thre performer but the CD title is simple..."Komuso"...only Shakuhachi but skill so far beyond my paltry notes/

The Monks were ascetic and to leave no personal connection of the healing powers of sound...welll, ok the may have been weirder than me...They wore rattan "Hats" which covered from top of head to bottom of face, enough to allow the flute to be played. The weird spiritual Emptiness Hat is called a Tengai (not Tengu,mind you).

I have only supposition here...no fact , just guessing...after the warring states period many ronin were left cause all manner of trouble, some though had seen so much death they took Zen Buddhist vows(Zen Buddhism was brought to Japan by a Chan Sect Chinese Zen Monk named Dogen {japanese name}and if you visit the monastery I've been to I believe the Roshi John Doordi has (with help) completed a stupendous translation of the 300 Koans of Dogen, Just get the book some how)....oh wandering again,,
well the repentant Samaraui took to the life of the Komusu, odd timing , the flute WAS made frome the middle of the bamboo then (as ...noted...last post) began to be made from the much thicker bottom area of the last 3 roots, (served well for self defense and as ronin, Monk or not may have made some enemies...put a basket over your head...no worries...just speculation..

There is an international society and , as usual, variety of styles....
some play or the perfect note, others play melodies and komuso is still prevalent.

DANGER...I got mine cheap 20+ yrs ago, if the blowing edge(utaguchi) gets chipped ....it can be fixed, for a long wait and more yen than a million prize hen.

theres stuf about cleaning the inside of moisture acquired when playing and yet there are rules to keep it moist if not playing too often, go figure...suprized theres no sageo to require ceremonial vs. healing knots....thats a lot for now

***remember you can at least enjoy Komuso by CD, thats te title (partiallly)

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