"Are weapons realistic in the Martial Arts? "

If one is to be able to protect themselves against a weapon or attack it is important for them to get an understanding of the weapons that might be used. There are two main philosophies behind my thoughts on weapons in the martial arts:

You do not tell someone not to play with guns, you teach them how to be safe with guns.

If you train with the weapon you will be more prepared to understand its strengths and weaknesses.

The first thing one must realize when confronting weapons (whether blades or baseball bats) is the possibility of getting hit or cut. You must except that fact if you are to properly defend yourself. Another factor concerning weapons is the ability to jam and use circular movements during self-defense.

What should you do when confronted with a weapon?
1. If possible - run

2. Do not corner or trap yourself

3. Look for possible obstacles to put between you and your attacker.

4. Jam the attack, do not allow your attacker the opportunity to hit twice.

5. Protect your vital points without sacrificing your defense abilities.

6. Focus on your opponent not his weapon.

Mind Set

When defending against a blade wielding assailant or assailants, one must first accept the possibility of being cut. If one does not accept this likely chance of being wounded, it could result in unnecessary movements and incorrect timing. Fear of getting cut must be overrun with the fear of losing your life. Remember, the knife is just an object (harmless by itself), it is the attacker you are fighting not the blade. Defending against a blade attack is not easy and the focus of training should be directed towards increasing your chances of survival. Your objective is to survive. Sometimes it is important to sacrifice an area of the body to the blade in order to improve chances for escape or to surprise and overcome your opponent.

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