and you did that instinctively you aint old you badddd!!

I wasnt sure if I gave to much away on that one, its pretty dangerous, face plant and such.

AND as you noticed, when I was describing how the heavy bag should react when tech done perfectly, it pops up and lands almost where it was standing, so ....judges score....10 perfect.

I was and am leery to describe the easy way standing, no need to drop the angles and kick are comparable to something everyone knows....BUT, I know most people (If anyone else reads this) wouldn't do it in dojo but on the street if they do what I omitted , since it is easy standing, person could face plant on a table, pop goes the neck...

whats your opinion, I cant type and It is hard to describe in my slow mo two finger typing.

better yet, lets see how many view it,
I,d like to describe the radial one as it is a shocker to opponent when their arm just drops and wont function, the tech is almost no miss and often one might get away with no penalty in a tournament.

gotta get out mowing yard and culling the chaff of my belongings, might be a long time ere we chat again, unless my job in life is going to jump on me in 2-3 days

Karl. Peace.
do not try to spork the post, for that is impossible, only realize there is no post to spork