Nice post. I don't train as hard as you do because of my age and gender but I am familiar with that leg sweep. Once at work, maybe 6-7 years ago, I got attacked by someone running toward me planning on pinning me to a wall and strangling me. I had no time to just get away, which would have been the defense of choice at work. I blocked and plucked one arm getting to the outside and turned so that I was 45 degrees to the side and rear. I got a nice arm bar with the inside arm and one whopping leg sweep with the inside leg. This was of course, full contact. There is no room to "go easy" when you are attacked seriously by a male patient. (He was violent and I work in psychiatry). He went up in the air and appeared go come down parallel to the floor. It was all very quick and ended the confrontation. From that point, I could control him on the floor until help could restrain him. So for me, underdog that I am, it was, in context with other techniques, a life saver. All the leg meridians except kidney, have a point in the front of the ankle. There are several little bones there making that ankle and the connections are all vulnerable. The very center would be stomach meridian.

It is also a cool target to just scrape down into and stomp with the heel of your shod foot if you need to.

I have not found it to be a good target for pressure in an ankle lock. With a figure 4 on the ankle, I prefer getting the ridge of my wrist into Sp 6 for the tap.

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