The Anterior tibialis is a fair large and surface confluence of nerves located duh anterior and central (more surface just a smidge to medial) at the interface/flexion of foot and tibia/fibula.

Lost, find the lateral and medial malleolus (outer and inner "ankle" bones, those bony protrusions at the ankle.) flex the foot two large tendons should be visible, place your fingers there and extend end flex foot till you know where the tarsals interface with tibia (big lateral leg bone [yes you have been fooled the leg is tib/fib,or rather behind patella in the middle extending down to what we want to strike, the quads and hams surround the femur, the femur is medically not referred to as the leg, the gastricnemous (Sp?) (calf) is the leg, sorry].

or visualize a line starting mid "ankle bone" to opposite mid ankle bone.

Lets play dirty sparring-most MA schools I've visited or attended sadly disallow footsweeps, those that allow always disallow a foot sweep to the front of the leg...too bad...you will be more accurate and fully impact the ant tib nerve with a classic low foot sweep, miss and you hit shin which if you have done some proper shin conditioning may still drop opponent, to ensure you dont sweep to high, lower a good hard 100lb heavy bag (I like to unchain it and stand it on floor) practice front leg foot sweep. key is to not lift sweping leg, if hit properly the bag should jump a bit level and land falling forward ok but jet the little jump and the bag landing kinda where it was is prefect.
***compound hand feint to head, support leg is stepping to side, drop and sweep. if you missed they get [censored], if you hit it (and cause of the ankle uppers on foot pads, well just gotta hit hard and with your un padded shin) if their leg goes numb or limp and they drop you got it. Shin conditioning has lots of good use, will describe later.

***who wants to try a low front leg sweep on a friend...me, if we have agreed to allow generally illegal cheap shots to be ok and you have taught them the same tech.

***hit the lead leg, if they are good and lift or move leg, a back kick to above cup is good or go to ground on back and kick the other leg roundhouse to popliteal (bend in posterior leg) or get moving away fast.

***NOW, what foo goin to try a low foot sweep in a real tussel, not me...use the instep edge of shoe, the sharp part where sole meets upper, here if you hit works much better, if you miss and hit shin enter and attack. again lead leg is target. if the conflict is already close use toe of shoe, this does miss or slip, just make sure it slips behind their leg and push

*** I did say it was a dirty trick,in sparring, no rules when joe tough wont let you walk away tho. Using the shin to kick shin needs you too make sure your shin wont hurt...conditioning

*** many disavow body part conditioning, so heres how i've always done it...100lb heavy bag on chain, give it a push, when bag is approaching kick the very hard base of bag with shin, hard if you hit it hard enough bag will jump up and if it was perfect it jumps and lands back to hanging, 10 each shin switching work from just above the nerve we discussed and ensure whole shin to the tibial protuberance is worked generally 100/leg, 10 lt/10rt etc. tibia will be nice and red. slather tigerbalm over tibia and surrounding muscle.
at home use a stick and rub tibia up and down, this hurts more for a while, tiger balm. feel ready, raise bag so 5-6 in of base at level of the common peroneal nerve palm higher than knee, shin kick base with roundhouse, as this pulls the skin it hurts much more. In all cases PULL THE TOES, plantar flex, if you forget this you will probably break a toe or two

*** if you are dumb enough to do what I've done, you can no longer use groin kick as you have been training the technique with full power and no control, on the street its a great opening shot, if you want to be nice kick the lead leg shin as a preparation. big bonus is blocking groin hunters, just put your shin in the way before they kick you and watch the fun, dont wear shin pads, after a year or two the shin is semi deadened (it still hurts to block, but its so sharp itll go through their shin pad, as they are lying writhing in unconditioned shin pain ask if they are ok and what happened, if your shin hurts ignore it. they probably wont try to groin kick you again, the block is a simple lift but must be practiced so its so auto it does it itself.

was that too much mean???

next either, inguinal strikes or radial nerve. pick one

Karl. Peace. Body conditioning is NOT for those under 20 y/o!!!
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