I knew something like this was going to happen.

Something like what? Jkogas has about 20 years (right?) of stick fighting, and he's giving you info from his experience. So what's the problem there?

This is a general statement, not specifically directed at stonecarver (I'm saying this due to recent p.m's I've gotten).

Why is that lately people are getting into such a huff when they get perspectives that conflict with their own? If you ask for advice, then expect to get different perspectives, or don't ask for it. If you feel strongly against what some one has said, argue your perspective. No one here is trying to gang up on anyone, or brow beat them into accepting their perspective.

But they have been fighting one on one with armor and organized matches too long.

Did you ever stop to think why they have been fighting one on one in armor for so long? Do you think they are doing so because of all the money and cultural glory that comes with full contact stick fighting? Or is it because they long ago realized that it was the best path to achieve non-theoretical, functional skill?

Iím looking for something with information about improvised weapons multiple attackers, ect.

I'm pretty sure I saw a vid on youtube of (maybe Crafty Dog?) showing how the sticks can apply to various commonly found objects such as car antenna's etc.

As for the multiple attacker thing, to be honest, I would question anyone who tried to make you believe that you had any option in dealing with multiple armed and skilled attackers besides a)running b) major physical trauma c)dying.

I think this is something you'll (hopefully) realize early in your training, after getting hit with a stick (and imagining that that was, say, a machete).

If you mean dealing with multiple unarmed attacker while you are armed, then you should be able to get there with the Dog Brother material.

Besides, video isnít going to work for me.

Out of interest, why are books better than video?


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