In the practice of Pranayama in Yoga (this leads to Qi Gong soon) the typical person has a whole body "polarity" of yin or yang and can easily be identified by the dominant (read unstuffed) nostril

this is related to the flow of energy oft referred to the microcosmic orbit where Ida and Pingale energy channels are typically related to the common cyclical nature of the bodies energy flow as passive or active.

Pranayama AND Qi Gong both bring the energy centers into balance, the ideal state where "polarity" is balanced.

havent heard of Lt vs. Rt. hand "polarity"
Have heard of male vs. female polarity in the "Left hand path" of internal energy (Tantric sex).

I believe if the practice of Qi Gong or Pranayama is used to balance the energy channels Lt vs. Rt., male Vs. female matters not.

Point to strike and time of day where the point is at its nadir as well as balanced Qi projection will always make a difference in the more subtle points struck or, conversely a blatant point grazed lightly...do I dare say Dim Mak???

Karl. Peace.
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