My reply had nothing to do with the technique, style, utility, practicality, or anything like that. My reply was ONLY to the polarity, which is what I thought the thread starter question was about. Personally, I pay little attention to polarity when I am training. I only pay attention to it when I am doing isolated energy exercises. There is a difference between what is theoretically possible and interesting, and knowledge for it's own sake vs information that you can use.

Raising a heel, or going to a cat stance will unground you and change the polarity. In the above striking example, if you want to keep both feet completely on the floor and somehow you know that uke also has both feet completely on the floor, then hit with the palm, instead of the fist, which is the opposite polarity.

Now since everyone is in constant motion, stepping sliding etc. you can see how little an awareness of the polarity will contribute to your technique. However, to each his own, and certainly if a person has really developed this skill, then he has my respect and I wouldn't begin to tell someone else how to fight. It isn't for me. I doubt I will ever have the skill to keep track of polarity in anything approaching the speed needed for fighting.

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