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You meant high-to-low woodchoppers I'm guessing? For obliques, right?

Yes and no. Yes the woodchoppers are high to low, no, they are not for the obliques- they involve the whole body, you are getting work through your entire core, your whole back, your hips, the works. Thinking of muscles in isolation makes you body weak. To paraphrase the bard 'no muscle is an island'. Learning and understanding how the anatomy works together, and maximising that concept in your training is how you get strong.

And is this all in the correct order, because I would think that rows would be done before military press...unless you don't want me to be drained from rows before doing military press, whereas the military press wouldn't affect my performance on rows too much.

Why would overhead press fatigue your performance in a seated row? Biomechanicaly different actions, so it shouldnt make any difference.
The reason it is in the order listed, is because the dumbell snatch fatigues your grip, and your back muscles, whilst it merely mobilises your shoulders. This means that you go into the military press with activated, but primed delts, and by the end of those, your back and grip have recovered enough to do justice to the rows.
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