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I'm going to have to disagree better pattern performance does not mean better sparring ability nor does it mean a better chance for a person to defend themselves.

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Agreed. Forms/Patterns don't make your sparring better. Forms/Patterns don't make your self defense better. If you want to fight you must train fighting. If you want to learn how to defend yourself then your learn self defense. While Forms/Patterns may have techniques within them, they simply are not valid ways to train for one or the other as main thing. You want to supplement them then go ahead but if it is your basis then your are missing out. And if you decide not to include them and direct your energies to more hands on training; the better
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I am going to disagree with both of you on this.
When forms are practiced over and over with power, percission, and attention to detail and one becomes as good as one can be at their patterns/forms (it will) translate into better more powerful and accurate punches, better more powerfull and accurate kicks, better more powerful and proper blocks, better muscule memory, balance, better body tone ect. when trained in combination with sparring all this carries over to better sparring. Every good sparrer that I have seen is almost always very good at their forms too. Not saying that one can do patterns and automaticly be good at sparring, way more to it than that, but when one has more of the package one is more complete. By training forms you issulate and perfect each fuction and perfect it"s movement and transitions to other movements. This also works in reverse, people that also sparr seem to do well with their forms/patterns, or lets say better than they would have. When you eliminate parts of training you are limiting other parts that you train, these pieces are there for a reason.

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