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Bump. Would this be a good routine, or is it too similar to my last one?

Day 1: Push
-Bench Press
-Military Press
-Tricep Extensions

Day 2: Pull
-One Armed Dumbbell Snatches

Suggestions? Opinions? LOOK AT PREVIOUS POST PLEASE =P

There is nothing wrong with the above, but you could try grouping things differently for a change.

Rather than have a 'push day' and a 'pull day' , as you have for so long, you could mix function each workout, meaning that exercises you have come to with agonists already fatigued, now get a chance to have a full tank of gas. Also, lets have a 3rd day, where you work elements you are currently missing, whilst also hitting the arms in a functional way.

Day 1.

Day 2.
Military Press

Day 3.
High Cable woodchoppers
Alternate side dumbell deadlift
Close Grip Bench
Close, underhand grip pull ups (weighted if necessary)
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