IMHO, weight loss is tuff and the chemical signals fat cells send to the brain as they "diminish' in size (once born a fat cell remains and has but one job, stay and if possible, grow. To this end they 'see' diminished content as starvation...and boy they fight that).
First, IMHO, medications (esp. OTC "appetite suppressants", which come in forms from ephedrine to green tea are quick fix and detrimental to end goal and possibly causative of unrelated health ailments) should be prescribed by a Licensed Medical Doctor, if an OMD is your choice there are an emerging number trained as MD's. Meds, herbal supplements, etc should be Rx and reserved for the morbidly obese.
second...yes, simple carbs (the sugars, glucose, lactose, fructose, glactose...hmmmm, wont go there) supply immed. bioavailable energy...Complex carbs not so complex...they start becoming sugars in the chewing process
Excess glucose is stored first in liver and depleted muscle (cardiac metabolism is more involved-fatty acid metabolism unless excess sugars abound)...THEN any excess sugars are converted to FAT.
Point: Fat loss is a long slow meticulously planned combination of Proper well balanced caloric intake combined with a respect for (in the comment to follow) concerning the ESSENTIAL need for minerals, vitamines, Protien and yes GOOD FAT; and, a combination of will power, broken rhythm exercise and will power...IF any health issues exist all the above should be monitored by an MD
Jenny Craig 'aint gonna lose sleep if you kick it over cardiac problems (she will miss yo $$$...NOT)
Plan: just suggestions this is probably point of disagreement...better ideas please post,
1. Consult MD
2. Multiple smaller meals throughout day, interspersed with H2O H2O H2HOHO between. Excess fluids dilute digestive juices
3. The meals can be researched...best by MD and dietitian. Vitamines and protein form amino acids...need those. minerals are often catalysts in this and catabolism, uh ATP Crebs cycle, GOOD FAT (Fat is essential in steroid production all steroids some of which moderate bodily functions...you NEED FAT, olive oil, flax seed oil...but I aint ole Jenny C. what do I know
4. BEWARE...those who steer you based on the the "Indisputable, Ever Lasting, FACT" ...that..."Do This, it worked for ME", they are giving us respectable Vampyres a bad name.
5. BROKEN Rhythm workouts involving aerobic and anaerobic exercise...the body learns, thankfully for a good tetch o time karate (being new to you) will do just that.

Was that too much???
Good luck at your goal, take no prisoners!!

Karl. Peace.
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