Dear Drew,
Now that is a very interesting question. In 1999 someone asked me to attend a demonstration of rope escapes by some martial artist. I recieved a serious crush injury to my right hand an arm so I missed the whole thing. The report I got was it was real and these guys got out of ropes without tricks. I have never heard any more about it so I asked here if anyone heard about it.
Now in general most escape work is deception but not all. There is real handcuff picking, rope challenge escapes and so on.
But you may have opened a door of thought on this subject.
As an escape artist I relate to more than just stage shows. I identify with the art of Liberation in general.
And that has been my attraction to martial arts because it covers escape in the sense of avoiding getting trapped by an apponent and uses mind skills that the average person is not aware of.
One person in escapes complained because they said I view that art as a philosophy. I can't see that as a bad thing.
Any way I was trying to learn myself about these rope escapes by
martial artist. If a person was tied up the work of an escape is to try to influence how they are tied or how tight one is tied.
Lets take a plastic tie or flexi cuff for instance. One trick used a lot is when they are applied is to go up on your toes as if they are to tight. Very often the person stops there if you make it look tight. You can do this by twisting you hands a bit to make it seem tight.
Now would this work if some wacko was tying you, I am not sure. I guess it would depend how good of an actor one is.
Now lets look at the basic handcuff. It has a double and single lock. The single lock is useless so the double lock is the one to beat. Often the double lock can be rapped off but when the cuffs are new these doublocks are tough. So when you rap them on say something wood it can kill your wrist. But if you have developed a tough wrist you can take the pain.
I see a link between the two arts but I have not really tried to work it all out. I don't know if this is any help to you but I am willing to chip away at the subject.
So far the most related area that I have seen is some of the psychology of the two arts.
The great difference is that a karate match is real and changes moment to moment and most escapes are all worked out so there are no sudden twist. Is any of this any help?
I do think there is some stuff in escapes that probably be of interest to a martial artist and if a person was tied up or trapped for some reason the knowledge might help.
I do need to think more on this. Please let me know if this is of any interest to you as I am always willing to explore the idea of what in the escape art can be used by a martial artist.
This of course would be like starting a new field.
I guess I have gone on enough.
Peace to all. Norm