The very instrument that has kept us free, self-defense is becoming an illegal act because of our own rules. If you are attacked and fight back you could be arrested and face the same crime as your attacker.
A young man in our local school saved ten dollars a week for fifteen weeks to buy a coat. His parents were proud that he was learning to work for what he wanted. Another boy, a bully, took the coat away from the boy and wore it around the school. The parents were told it might be dangerous for their son if the police were called or if they demanded the coat back.
Years ago my youngest daughter was given three days off from school for fighting. Even at face value that is just a vacation.
The principal informed me that my daughter did not start the fight. The boy grabbed her earring swinging her around and tearing it out. Then her grabbed the chain around her neck and started to choke her and then she struck him. For that they both got three days off. Where is the philosophy that says you don't put your hands on a girl and if you do, you will be in trouble? I guess it is that new teaching, no-tolerance. How is that working out? Many parents and students have gone through this to their horror.
The work of any enemy is to tie the hands and prevent self-defense in any area that they can control. Blame the innocent is the tactic. Schools are a great place because when the rules come down most of those teachers are not going to protect your child at the expense of their job. They work for the system and many bow to the state right or wrong. It is a terrible situation to be in.
I do understand the delicate situation of the teachers. However the message is clear. If you don't let the next boy beat you while you act like a "good little girl" we will punish you again. These same people who check your child for a bruise are letting future women beaters bruise them in school.
No one person can force any child to be like Ghandi, it comes from within. And he took a beating for political reasons. He was clear on this, if someone comes to harm or kill your family and you stand by and let it happen, then you are not a pacifist, you are a coward!
We stand by and let the school system abuse our daughters all the time because we think we can't do anything. Our enemies want to tie our hands and our minds against the very thought that we have the right to self-defense.
Automation man is here with humans frozen inside because someone with a higher degree gives them a rule to obey even if it doesn't contain one ounce of common sense. Great new ideas of educational deception.
One student told me how he fought off a school bully and he was thrown out. He protested on the grounds of self-defense. He was told there is no such thing as self-defense there was only self-control.
This statement suggest that people defending against violent attacks are "out of control." This entire rule is all about control. Mind control. If you can feel the "tie" you may be right for the part. Shouldn't we embody the philosophy of freedom? Shouldn't we look for, ever new and greater challenges? Well, here is the challenge, try to keep your freedom from being punished for something someone else did.
Perhaps the activist-minded young coming up will help figure a way out of this. It is one of many serious problems in a world that is mad with power.
Today innocent people are losing the right to bear arms because the state feels threatened. Tomorrow the state may object to you having a belt because you could use it as a weapon against the state. The role of the activist is not for the future, they are needed now!
No-tolerance is not a policy that does anything except free the school staff from having to stand up for what is right. No-tolerance equals tolerance of the bully over their victims. It is a policy that hurts people who did not want a confrontation and did nothing wrong. They were attacked. Schools are caving in over these issues and experimenting with your children everyday. If they would stand up, then the policy could have some effect. When a child is attacked, do not punish them.
If you see the fight stick up for the person who did not start it, fight the system. Do not tolerate innocent people getting into trouble with the troublemaker without exposure of the whole incident.
Treating everyone the same doesn't mean punishing the innocent. That is what is wrong. Do not take the blame for something you did not do without a fight for the truth.
I asked this question of our local school board about my daughter's attack. How far could a boy go before a girl could defend herself and not be punished? Would rape do it? I was then told, "no-tolerance means just what it says."
It is true as some in Congress say, "We are in for the fight of our lives."

Norman G. Bigelow