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( Article)

(EOE) Essence of Evolution

A system of classification based on distance, which includes each style of battle form.
The physical evolution of (point-line cross and spiral) this system exceeds the framework of a system and a style .

Program # 1

A. Composition of a Martial Art

- Long / middle distance is
(Direct attack) and (point/Line)

A synergistic plan / organization of elementary material in the case of combat, within the scope of strategy and tactics .

That goes beyond ,limitation to reach depth understanding.

In this case , the system of long to middle distance classified as (point and line).

The distance of long to middle range which is the range of striking from contact to the line of energy involved in impacting / striking.

The first part and information about this system of long to middle distance is classified as (point and line)
The Classification of point line can be categorized as direct attack,

some examples of this category :

Muay Thai.

tae kwon-do.
Kick Boxing.

JKF Karate-do

Full contact Karate

The necessary or required condition (range) of point line attack (striking) is (Long to middle distance).

The tactics / methodology used to achieve this specific objective (striking) is (Direct Attack)

The Battle ( combat), system within the scope of strategy and tactics is
( The offense and defense are separate)

The Battle (combat) Form (campaign) is only one directional (One-way traffic)

The Movement shape, configuration /form is one hand at time ,(One hand alternation).

The Technique composition of long to middle distance/range is (Point & line technique).

The Point & purpose of (point an line) technique is (1) speed (2) power (3) combination

The Tendency is inclination towards performance ,Example Martial sport completion.

(EOE) Essence of Evolution composition on the topic of Point Line (impacting) is The way of energy

On the subject of (1) speed (2) power (3) combination
there are four tendencies/ directions to the thought or action of speed , power and combination.

1. Present condition - Society understanding based on today's given location and time.

1. Fantasy -

2. Physics -

3. The Idea of ( EOE) Essence of Evolution-