Hey guys, it's been a while! I'm practically using the same routine:

Day 1:
-Dumbbell Bench Press (60's)
-Seated Cable Rows (150lbs)
-Dumbbell Military Press (45's)
-Cable Pushdowns (120lbs)

Day 2:
-Back Squats (215lbs)
-Romanian Deadlifts (195lbs)
-Shrugs (230lbs + machine weight?)
-Alternating Dumbbell Curls (40's)

Note: All exercises 4 sets of 6-8. Numbers in parenthesis is the weight I use in either the last or 3rd set (as I sometimes bring the weight back down to reach target reps).

With that being said, I have been vastly gaining strength in the past month. I had seen hardly any progress in the past few months before this (probably due to inconsistancy and a poor diet/sleep schedule), and now I've been increasing in either weight or reps EVERY lifting session. However, I would like opinions on a new routine for when I plateau, as I have been using slight variations of the same routine for about a year now.

P.S. Age:19 Height:6'2" Bodyweight:163lbs

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