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This post started out as a question about how to do an energy pull...
To which I have already responded nearly 2 years to the date, that you need a complicit assistant (See post ##367458). And to which you yourself agreed in post #420460, in your belated response to me, 2 years later, that (emphasis mine):
To do the energy pull you need a willing partner. This is a learning tool it will not work if your partner resists (this was noted in one of the earlier responses). Your partner needs to be neutral...

And to which JKogas replied, and I concur with his assessment, if you need a complicit partner to "do" this, then how can it have any practical (i.e. martial OR otherwise) purpose, other than mystical BS? And learning to do what precisely?

So, I think it's fair to say that the thread has now evolved to a different level of discussion, don't you?

Whilst the theoretical approach of TCM is useful in understanding the particular methodology, I have to concur with Gavin here - there is NOTHING within the field of martial arts or its related practices that cannot be explained in plain terms other than yin-yang and/or 5-element theory, "qi" OR "bio-energetics".

Besides, 5-element theory is just that - a "theory", albeit an archaic theory, describing the supportive and opposing relationships between "elements" with specific qualities or properties, and the inter-relationship between the "elements" of nature and man. It is NOT specifically about "energy" or energy fields, although I can see why it tends to be inferred.

"Energy" is simply a convenient English metaphor, albeit an inaccurate one, for the etheric "quality" known as "qi" - a word which only has contextual meaning within the Chinese and Japanese cultures. I can tell you this because I am a native-speaking Chinese... "qi" means a lot of different things, depending on contextual use - none of which actually mean "energy". At best, the word "qi" itself literally means "air" or "breath" (again depending on context)... but not "energy" - so any translation/transliteration of the word to mean the same "thing" as "energy", is not meant to be treated as a literal translation.

Of course we all put out a small EMF... but it's so small it's virtually useless for anything practical. Sure you can affect a person's EMF (within average human parameters) - only IF they are OPEN to it, which we both already agree. Bodyworkers who haven't studied TCM will also tell you the same thing - treatments work better if the patient is receptive to it.

So, I think any further discussion regarding human bio-EMF is moot. Anyone who is interested in EMF and it's effect on humans is welcome to Google it. There's a plethora of research available out there in that regards, particularly as it pertains to EMF and low frequency EMR and why power lines and mobile phones can kill, why you need to sit at least 3m from the TV, and why using a "laptop" on your lap is not a good idea if you plan on having "normal" children. wink

In any case, "bio-energy" isn't particularly relevant to IMA training, although, it *may* be a by-product of IMA training... big difference there.

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