Gavin –
I offered my thoughts on field interaction because, based on my research, it seems the most likely explanation for the effect. An interaction of fields also describes the physical sensation from the point of the puller. As I have stated, I do not know what is happening. I have no way to measure this interaction. If this is actually electromagnetism or some other field interaction, I cannot say. I can only draw inferences based on my research and experience. Fields do interact and affect each other, and electromagnetism is one example. If you will read the research references I have provided, you will find that there are similar research experiments that have covered the energetic exchange between two people. Given the similarity to the published research, it seems like a good working hypothesis.

I guess the guy you are referring to is Dr. Oschman? I noted when I provided that link, that I offered the link so you could see that he was a credible researcher. The web site does not include his book content. In the same post I also provided two of his book titles that contain the research summaries. You have to read the books to get to the research. Just a note - these are serious research summaries, mostly in the area of quantum physics and they are a bit pricey. You may be able to find them if you are near a large university library or if not, then inter-library loan usually works. Some of the other sources I noted are more readily available, but Oschman’s books are a good place to start.

When I am teaching or doing a demo I use the phrase “stand like a reed in the wind”. Since the pull does not work if the person actively resists, there is no other way to approach this when in a class or demo setting. This does not predispose the person to going in either direction because I do not tell them whether I am going to pull or push. If you will read my post, you will see that I do both. You will also see that I have no other communication with them and that I stand behind them so they cannot see what I am doing. I have also told you that there is no trick. I just do what I described (note that I described only the pull). I am not an illusionist or magician – pretty cool stuff, but I am not trained in that area. Likewise I don’t know how to hypnotize anyone. You keep returning to the theme that there is some “trick” I am pulling and not telling you about. There isn’t. Once I have shown this to people, it tends to spread around a bit. People have done this to complete strangers in airport lines and while singing hymns in church. No “stand like a reed in the wind” there – although they do get some interesting responses. I would encourage you not to fix on the ‘trick” explanation, but to actually go to the resources I have mentioned. It will take some time, but why not read them?. They will fill out the knowledge you are already obviously building about subtle energies.

Gavin & Eyrie -
This post started out as a question about how to do an energy pull – there was no implication that this method, as it is presented, is a viable combat technique – not by me or by the original poster. If you wish to introduce a different topic, I would suggest that starting a new post would be cleaner.

What I did say, is that knowledge of the human energy system is valuable to the internal martial artist. As Gavin points out “the body and universe itself have many subtle energies that make up the whole and the field of biodynamics is making huge leaps in documenting holistic bodily communications through the fluids and tissues of the body”. As an internal martial artist (I assume you are, since this is the Internal Arts Forum), doesn’t it benefit you to understand the “subtle energies” that Gavin refers to? Isn’t the knowledge and use of these energies at least part of what differentiates the Internal from the External martial artist?

I have noticed that there is a generalization of the energy pull as “no-touch stuff” - as if all energy techniques can be placed in a single basket. This is not the case. Whether we are healing or hurting, there are many different avenues of using energy. To lump them all together makes it even more difficult to sort out how one method or the other might work.

Eyrie – You said “I can't see how any of this would be practically useful martially or otherwise.”
The relationship of energetic fields is at the core of Traditional Chinese Medicine. A simple example would be Five-element theory. As an Internal Martial Artist do you not use the knowledge of the healing arts in your practice?