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Since this can be explained by the interaction of electromagnetic fields, it does not qualify for the Amazing Randi challenge. As I noted - this is a simple thing to do.

Dave when I referred to dishonest this wasn't a character assassination merely an objective observation on how you are explaining things and in this above quote you've gone back to explaining things with the 'electromagnetic fields' again after admitting perviously that you didn't know what this energy is. Saying it 'feels' like a magnetic pull is an honest description of the sensation, saying it is explainable by electromagnetic fields is misleading (what I meant by being dishonest). If it were explainable by electromagnetic fields then you should be able to demonstrate this on inanimate objects... if you could then Randi (although I find the guy rather disagreeable) would instantly feather your hand with gold.

I had a quick look at that guys website you link to previously and I'm afraid that I can't see anything that backs up your ability to remotely pull people. Yes the body and universe itself have many subtle energies that make up the whole and the field of biodynamics is making huge leaps in documenting holistic bodily communications through the fluids and tissues of the body, but again this doesn't validate your claim in any sense. My example of the piezoelectric properties of collagen is a prime example - I use many myofascial release techniques with my clients but to achieve a release within the tissue via this mechanism requires an appropriately applied sustained pressure spanning anything from a couple of seconds up to minutes - well outside of the nanosecond windows of opportunity open to the martial artist in combat.

Going back to you being able to demonstrate this ability by only having to suggest 'feel like a reed' to be able to get them to 'pull' them... the mental imagery of the reed blowing in the wind is already an autosuggestion. Also usually very unintentionally those demonstrating this ability unkonwingly create an environment whereby those being pulled know that they are expected to do something. Here is a classic example by the UK based illusionist Derren Brown who does a 'chi' demo far more impressively than any chi master I've witnessed by martial artists or 'healers':


This is a trick. I have many fun little tricks that I often slip into demonstrations for a bit of fun but I always tell the audience how to do them. For example yesterday I done the demonstration used by many top masters including the late Cheng Man-ching whereby they resist full power pushes with one arm... I had ladies in their 70's doing it within about 30 seconds. On monday I had a class of 11 year old girls doing it as well.

In my mind all this no-touch stuff demonstrates within the martial arts is how the mind can be played with on a very subtle level to produce very powerful results if you allow yourself to be played. Unfortunately people end up buying all this stuff and the following happens when they challenge reality:


Non-touch stuff is not a demonstration of internal skill. The only way to really know if someone has real skill is to cross hands with them.

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