Gavin -
Your reply indicates that you find my previous postings are dishonest. So far I have accurately described the process used and have offered numerous references to answer your questions. How is that dishonest?

You say you have an interest in the “non-touch thing” and also use the words “even if it is true”. You seem to have a curiosity about such things. Given your curiosity, you should ask yourself how you will recognize someone who is delivering a genuine message if you begin the discussion by characterizing them as “dishonest”, “tricksters” and categorize their statements as in the “realms of fantasy” and “tricks”.

Were the references I gave invalid? Of course not, you have not had time to read Oschman’s works, or McTaggarts. If you had then you would have defied the laws of physics wouldn’t you? Rather than investigate, you have chosen to attack my character. Such tactics have no place in a reasonable discussion.

When I happened upon the initial question that sparked this thread, all I observed was several derisive comments with few attempts to answer a legitimate question. As long as you are involved in internal martial arts these questions will continue to arise. It seems to me that the closed minded response this is receiving does nothing to advance anyone’s knowledge of how to answer the original question.

Since I am able to do this technique and have never had difficulty in teaching others to do it, I choose to try to find a rational explanation. I cannot speak to your personal level of experience. I can tell you that this works for me without any pre-preparation. I simply ask people to stand “like a reed in the wind” and then either pull or push them. I do not tell them what is going to happen or what to expect. I have done this at demos with people I have never met. As long as they offer no resistance it works. It works more dramatically on some people than others. It does not work on inanimate objects.

Since I have no access to sensitive measuring devices I have no way to confirm how this works. It seems to me that a very logical explanation is a simple interaction of electro-magnetic fields. This then follows the rule of attraction and repulsion – from physics. If you are not familiar with this then simply Google “strong to weak rule of attraction repulsion” and you will find several references. Again, I have no way to measure and confirm this, but it is a logical explanation and despite your denials – it is physics.

I had hoped that others on the forum might have an interest in actually discussing the possibilities of how such techniques work.

Your assertion that this technique “has no use whatsoever” is totally wrong. The martial arts are entirely about energy and balance. Every exchange in combat or self-defense is about the balance of energy between two opponents. The largest most encompassing theories of energy and balance come from quantum physics. While it is often true that most of us begin our martial arts studies in the realm of Newtonian physics, that does not mean we should limit ourselves to that arena. Any technique that enhances your knowledge of how energy can be use to interact with an opponent is of value to the martial artist.

Your reference to the piezoelectric properties of connective tissue is right on. Why can you not continue the discussion in that vein? These properties are what led Oschman to coin the phrase “The Living Matrix”. This is the thread that should be followed, because it presents the body as an energetic unit. This will lead to an understanding of how a martial artist might take advantage of the energetic properties of the human body.

If anyone wants to ask a legitimate question or participate in an honest discussion, I’d be glad to answer.