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I am trying to describe what it feels like for you - I am not saying that it turns you into a human magnet, just trying to describe the effect. If I were to hold a weak magnet up in front of my metal refrigerator door, I would feel a similar pull.

I have no way of knowing what causes the effect.

Now this is a little more honest. My issue with what you were saying was that it is physics - its not, at least not in the currently understood realms. The non-touch thing has always interested me but I have not yet see anyone 'pulled' who has not been in a situation where they have been mentally prepped for the 'experiment' before hand.

As for martial artists this, even if it is true, has absolutely no use whatsoever because it only works on 'open' people. Using my 'intent' I have thus resisted any of these ki/qi/chi tricks.

Within a healing environment there is some very interesting work being done within the realms of myofascial release looking at possible minute intercelluar communications - for example the piezoelectric charge emitted from the collagen in connective tissue when it is stimulated by heat, pressure or electrical stimulus - this minute electrical charge causes a breakdown of the molecular bond between the cells loosening the tissue. In the cranial field there have been some interesting theories on the communication between therapist and receiver but for the most part they [censord] of physics is very plausible within our current scientific understanding.

Pulling someone across a room without touching them is something confined to the realms of fantasy and tricksters IMO and is of no practical use to the martial artist, even as an 'intent' training exercise.
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