No. You are misunderstanding what I wrote. I said that "it feels like a very, very weak magnetic connection". I am trying to describe what it feels like for you - I am not saying that it turns you into a human magnet, just trying to describe the effect. If I were to hold a weak magnet up in front of my metal refrigerator door, I would feel a similar pull.

I have no way of knowing what causes the effect. I do know that multiple energies have been measured coming from the hands of healers and martial artists. Experiments have also shown that the energies from a healer's hands have an effect on the person they are directed toward. I also know that this works for me and for people I have just met in classes and demonstrations. I know what I do when I do an energy pull and I know that I have no intent to deceive or defraud.

Regarding voltages, there have been several experiments that measured the voltages coming off of the hands of healers and I think some of them are pretty significant. One that comes to mind is the "Copper Wall Experiment" conducted by Elmer Green, Ph.D. - the online info states that they recorded voltages as high as 200v. Just do a search on “Copper Wall Experiment”. There are several other studies related to emissions from healers in the books I mentioned earlier.