The amount of resistance to this surprises me.

There are hundreds if not thousands of studies done on the various energies of the human body. I noted James Oschman’s work in my first post. I would suggest that you look at his two books Energy Medicine, The Scientific Basis and Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance. Here’s a link to his bio, you can decide for yourself if he is a credible researcher . You can find similar and related works from Paul Pearsall and Lynn McTaggart – all are available on Amazon. These three references barely scratch the surface of the information that is available.

The short story is that the human body emits electricity, magnetism, heat, light and sound. With the advent of super conductors and the SQUID measuring devices in the 1970s much more minute energies could be measured. These have all been measured in multiple studies. There is no doubt that we are energetic beings.

Even methods as old as Kirlian photography which started in the late 1930s have been used to photograph the energy fields around living things. Some on this forum may have had diagnostic tests such as an EEG or EKG that measure some of the larger electrical energies of the brain and heart. I do not see how you can be aware of modern medical advances and not acknowledge that various energies and energetic fields are a part of the human body.

RE “It's funny that the only people whom seem to ever be effected by this sort of 'physics' are loyal students? (note - I am aware that many average Joe's off of the street have been effected as well - but these always seem to be the ones who were 'open' to it!)”.
You take both sides here, first implying that they work because of the student-instructor relationship and then saying that sometimes they work on any average person. Then you further state that you have some insight into the openness of people you do not know. This is not a valid argument.

You do not say what technique someone tried on you that would not work, so I cannot offer any [censord] other than to restate again that the energy pull requires a willing partner. This means that the partner must be neutral. If you dig into the ground and lock yourself into a stance, then the technique will not work. The connection between the puller and the pullee feels like a very, very weak magnetic connection.

Again, this is a demonstration that allows people to become familiar with the feeling of their energy field. I use this in Qigong, Meditation and Reiki classes to simply make people aware of what is there. That’s it. The energy pull can be a door to further understand, but please do not make this into something it is not intended to be.

RE the question about “which branch of physics” and the definition of energy. Not quite sure I understood the point of the questions , but here’s the Wikipedia take on an “electrical field” –
“In physics, the space surrounding an electric charge or in the presence of a time-varying magnetic field has a property called an electric field. This electric field exerts a force on other electrically charged objects. The concept of an electric field was introduced by Michael Faraday.”

RE the point about what is felt in the hands. Your point about blood flow and heat in the hands is valid. Those are things that can certainly be felt. However, when my hands are one to two feet apart or when I am several feet from a training partner, the sensations are not from blood flow or heat. I can feel a physical connection to the partner as well. I use the connection to give them a slight pull or push - the connection at a distance and the ability to pull and push are separate issues from the heat and blood flow in the hands. Do they move backward or forward because of my wishful thinking? You are actually on a valid point - intent. Intent is important in any of the energetic healing or hurting disciplines.

I see where one of the moderators is a Reiki practitioner - perhaps they might comment on the feel of Qi or intent.